new things for the-new-me

Seems long time Im not writing about my journey of my life.
btw, about a few weeks before Im dying-busy with the whole thing to be 'the-new-me'.
Guess what I got now??
I got the new responsibility, new experiences, new environment, new title and the most important I AM XtraOrdinary love+like for what am i doing now!!
Dont worry Mr H,I still love u for nothing!
--------------------oke,enough for the so-so intro--------------------
Lets clarify all these.
I have a new title called Cikgu. At the first day as I registered for a replacement teacher, my heart ticking so hard when im listening to student who calling me teacher. OMG, how I love this profession!!
There are so many thing i have to handle by myself. At this point I was thinking it is not easy to be somebody and stand by our own two little foot. Its tough. I have a lot of things to do which was not at my place and age.
or the prove, look at this ::::::::::::
surat akuan sumpah
*I have to find surunhanjaya sumpah to get their sign and I also need to drop down my signature in front of them*
next, went to (Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Nasional, KWSP) in order to register as KWSP members. Its compulsory for us to do this although im only a replacement teacher. If not, the school or any employers are not allowed to hire us.
after that, i went to maybank to register my saving account. This time I smile a lot.Guess why???
Its for my SALLARY. Thhheee ;)

ssssoooo, tttttaaaaddddaaaa.........
this is my cherry maybankard. good for shopping OK! winkwink
Habislah cerita 1 hari meng'setel'kan benda2 tu semua.
so, skrg dah starrt teaching student. Nak tengok hasilnye? ni haaa..
tulisan kat white board tu by me ok.
*sorry for the vandalisme.budak jaman ni kan!
this is the-ugly-me

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